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iGAGING Digital Compass and Divider features inch/metric/fraction reading, smooth thread movement, interchangeable pencil lead, and metal scribe attachment.

Speedbow Compass Combined with Digital Readout
Smooth Metal Thread - Efficiency of a Center Wheel Design
Large LCD Readout
Measure in Inches - Fractions - Millimeters
Convert Measurement between Decimal, Fractions and Metric
Zero Button gives the Precise Difference
Hold and Zero Set Functions
Ease to Switch from Divider to Compass Mode
Strong Poly-Fiber Jaws
Two Interchangeable Tips One Tube of Lead
Lightweight & Durable Poly-Fiber Jaws
Specifications -
Reading: 0.01" - 1/64" - 0.1mm (Display always shows radius)
Accuracy: 0.01" / 6"
Battery: 3V CR2032 Lithium Cell (included)
Calibration Tool: Included
Note : Operation Instruction & Calibration printed on Back Cover


35-CD28 0–8" radius 0–16" diameter; made of aluminum

35-CD26 0–8" radius 0–16" diameter; made of poly fiber
35-CD16 0-6” radius 0-12” diameter; made of poly fiber

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